How Do I Join?

To become a Bulldog, Simply complete the

following steps:

Step 1, Decide. Is my swimmer ready for swim '

team? If so, proceed to step two! Would my

swimmer be better in the Bulldog Swim School?

If so, proceed to step three! Unsure?

Proceed to step two or contact us!


Step 2, Schedule. Sign up for an Evaluation to

receive a practice group placement.

Evaluation Sign-up Form

Step 3, Register.  Complete either the swim team registration, or the Bulldog Swim School registration below:


Step 4, Discover: Check out the 2021/2022 Group Description and Pricing Page, Club Members page, and for those who have already registered, your Member Portal through for billing and meet sign-ups.. 


Find our Fall 2021 Evaluation Schedule Below!

  • Monday, July 12th for a Sept. 1st Start Date

  • Thursday, July 29th for a Sept. 1st Start Date

  • Saturday, August 14th for a Sept. 1st Start Date

  • Saturday, August 28th for a Sept. 1st Start Date.

We’re glad you’re interested in joining the team. If you haven’t yet read about our history and our philosophy, please do so. You might also want to take a moment to familiarize yourself with our coaching staff and practice groups.

Thanks for your interest–we look forward to having you on the team! Email Mike Radford with questions!

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