3 ABSC Swimmers Make the 2021 Georgia Zone Team!

Congratulations to Simon Casey (15-18), Ansley Halbach (15-18), and Torin Trotter (11-12) for qualifying for the 2021 Georgia Zone Team!

At the tail end of every summer long course season, 8 of the fastest 11-12, 13-14, and 15-18 year-old girls and boys from around the state are brought together to form the Georgia Zone Team. The zone team functions like an All-star team! This year, the team will be traveling to Tupelo Mississippi for the Southern Zone Championship Meet.

For those unfamiliar ABSC is a USA Swimming affiliated club. Within USA Swimming, the clubs are grouped together into LSC's (Local Swim Committees). ABSC is a part of the "Georgia Swimming" LSC. LSC's are grouped into "sections," which are further grouped into "zones," which fall under the banner of USA swimming! #federalism.

So, the All-star team that Ansley, Simon, and Torin are swimming for is the Georgia Swimming LSC team, which is competing at the Southern Zone championship against all-star teams from the other LSC's in the Southern Zone, like Florida Swimming, North Texas swimming, Kentucky Swimming, etc.

Congrats to those three awesome ABSC swimmers, and good luck to them and ALL of team Georgia next week Zones. Go Dawgs!

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