Senior II

Excel and Refine

The Senior II group is intended for in grades 8-12 who are committed to the sport, and are still working to improve aerobic capacity to prepare them for college swimming and/or the Senior 1 group​

Senior 2 is an advanced group with rigorous aerobic training so that swimmers can be competitive in every event, from the 50 free to the mile.​

Like the Dawgs group, this group works to train swimmers for Senior 1, however they can also remain in this group and still work toward a goal of college swimming.

Coach Contact

Jonathan Foggin (Email)

Schedule (Ramsey Center)

Monday 5:30-7 AM @ OAR AND 5:15-7 PM @ Ramsey

Wednesday & Friday: 5:15-7:30 PM @ Ramsey

T/Th: 5:30-7:30 PM @ OAR.​

Required Equipment

Kickboard, Fins, Snorkle, Paddles, & Pull Buoy


$220 per month, billed on a 9 month cycle (September-May) plus team-wide annual registration fee.