Learn to Race

The Pups exist to transition developmental swimmers into effective and competitive USA club swimmers through developing a strong foundation in technique, endurance, and racing skills. After learning what our swim club and its meets and practices are like in the Gups group, Pups are encouraged to take the next step to becoming competitive at the state level in the Pups group.

Pups are required to participate in at least 1 USA Swimming sanctioned meet each semester to meet their developmental goals, and more meets are encouraged.​

To learn more about the Gups or group or how to register, email Mike Radford. Also see our Join the Club page. Coach Contact​ Mike Radford (Email)

Required Equipment

Kickboard & Fins


Pups Oconee:

  • Option A: M/W/ 4:15-5:30, F 4:45-6 PM. OAR pool.

  • Option B: T/T/ 4-5:15 PM,F 4:45-6 PM OAR pool.

Pups Clarke:

  • M/W/F 5-6:15 PM, YWCO pool.


$140 per month, billed on a 11 month cycle (September-July) plus team-wide annual registration fee.